There are many different ways to practice yoga.  The following are the many various formulas offered by O’Yoga:

DSC_3071YOGA IN STUDIO: If you like the idea of being surrounded by a group of like-minded people in a spacious room designed specifically for yoga, studio yoga might be exactly what you’re looking for.  Get inspired by the collective energy and find that extra motivation from your peers to help you glide more easily from one pose to the next.  Flow to the rhythm of the practice by breathing in unison with your fellow yogis before finally laying all together on your mats for a well deserved rest!  Be sure to check out the schedules at Yoga Sangha and Kinésphere to see when we’ll be teaching next!

tangoYOGA AT WORK: Although it is less recommended to bring your work to yoga, doing the opposite can turn out to be a wonderful idea! During the morning, at lunch or in the afternoon, taking a moment for yoga during your work schedule can be an excellent way to gain time.  A perfect way to start and end your day!

DSC_3241_resizeYOGA AT HOME: In the comfort of your home, unroll your mat and salute the sun at your own pace with your very own private teacher.  Private classes are tailored to your specific needs and give you personal insight that will help you build confidence and autonomy in your own yoga practice.

sup_yogaYOGA SUR L’EAU: During a SUP yoga class, (standup paddleboard yoga), asanas are executed mostly on a floating SUP board, and sometimes in the water.  To the already existing benefits associated with yoga – improved flexibility, relaxation and breathing – one could easily add to this list increased balance and strengthening of the long series of stabilizer muscles when practicing SUP yoga.  Summer classes are held in a picturesque natural environment at Kayak Sans Frontière.  Winter classes are practiced in the pool at the UQAM Sports Centre.

YOGA THAI MASSAGE: Please note that I have obtained my first certification in Yoga-Thai massage and that I am still pursuing my studies.  If you would be interested in receiving a 90 minute massage as part of my training process, for a small fee, do not hesitate to reach out to me!